Rudolph Willemse is a photographer, poet and producer from the Riebeek Valley, Republic of South Africa. 

Rudolph's artistic practice as photographer includes abstract works, rural travel photography and documentary portraits.

His abstract works have been exhibited under the title "Surfaces". His rural travel photography will be exhibited as #roadtrip at Hoofstraat Conceptual from 23 to 25 September. These images are published on social media  - click the instagram icon in the footer below to view "kerksaal" on Instagram. The third component of his photographic work is the documentation of artists, writers, musicians, academics, friends, and family - portrait photography. 

Rudolph is the author of two volumes of afrikaans poetry - Kweekskool (1982) and Middelman (2005). He also published poems and short stories in literary magazines and his work has been included in various anthologies of afrikaans poetry.

From time to time, Rudolph acts as producer of his work, Middelman, with Marcel van Heerden and friends. He is co-producer of the film Displaced and produces new music and acoustic jazz performances at Hoofstraat Conceptual.

Photo: Ad Goedhart